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Ana Perea

Ana Perea
Executive Coach

Ana Perea is an Executive Coach at Crenshaw Associates, which is the premiere, New York-based consulting firm and market leader in senior executive talent management.  We are best known for helping leaders, teams, and organizations successfully navigate transitions.

As an Executive Coach, Ana works with senior professionals at times of key organizational and personal career change.  She does this by developing tailor-made solutions for the challenges they face.

Ana has over ten years’ experience coaching executives in both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  She is a strategic thinker and thought partner who specializes in the assessment of people and organizational structures, and in developing practical ways to improve the performance of both.  Her previous coaching experiences include:

  • Strategic advisement at times of crucial business and personal transition(s)
  • Executive on-boarding including moves into new areas of responsibility
  • Group coaching for new and existing executive teams

In additional to her coaching work, Ana was the creator and leader of the organizational effectiveness function at the luxury brand, David Yurman. She partnered closely with senior executives to develop and oversee companywide organizational effectiveness initiatives that supported core company objectives, while solving sensitive interpersonal issues.  She was also a key advisor to the Executive Committee, working both individually and with groups executing people management and employee engagement strategies.

Ana also worked extensively as a Learning and Development consultant leading the creation and development of learning strategies for small and mid-sized organizations.  She specialized in building pragmatic development programs for high performers.  Her work has also included the creation of key interventions effecting long term cultural change, change management programs, and the development of HR functions including Learning and Development.

Ana’s unique approach to systems and people is guided by her knowledge of business and complex people issues.  Her blend of clinical training and organizational experience provides her with a unique vantage point suited to effectively address the complex challenges that businesses face.  Ana holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is in the late stages of a Doctorate at the New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, with particular interest in leadership effectiveness.

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