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Client Testimonials

"When you’re at the top, it’s hard to know what’s really going on. Crenshaw was able to show us what’s what – with facts and data, which we loved."

Chief Executive Officer
Food Supply Company

"To be honest, they improved our process tenfold. They were so on point with helping us figure out strategic talent needs down the road. Crenshaw’s leadership was fantastic."

Chief Human Resources Officer
Public Commercial Construction Company

"Crenshaw’s approach was exceptional. Sure, they know best practices, but, more importantly, they got to know us, and designed a program that would work here – taking all of our personalities and businesses into account."

Corporate Director
Technology Equipment and Services Company

"The best part of our project was how they tied performance management to business objectives. I was impressed with the insights and caliber of people we worked with. They were all experienced, serious players and did a fantastic job for us."

EVP and Managing Director
Small-cap Technology Services Company

"I appreciate that they have so much real business experience. The session was efficient, and we got an excellent outcome. I’ll absolutely have Crenshaw back next year." 

Vice President, Human Resources
Global Holding Company

"They have this way of actually measuring culture. We used it as the backdrop for a session on how to improve our effectiveness, and it was amazing how we went straight to the problems – all based on data, not conjecture."

Vice President, Executive Talent
Financial Technology Company

"Crenshaw led a really good process for us. We covered a lot of ground. Who we are as a team, what we tend to overlook, and how to compensate for that. We got some real work done and are working to keep focused on it even after the session."

Chief Executive Officer
Private Personal Care Company

"Their self-assessment is fantastic. I was skeptical because I’ve been through assessment before, but this is at a whole different level. The way they applied it to what I want to do in the future was really empowering."

Senior Vice President, Business Development
Global Business Services Company

"They know me really well, so it was natural for them to help me get on board here. The assimilation session was great. My Advisor just added so much value to my 100-day plan. I’d use him again in a minute. He made me look so buttoned up."

Chief Executive Officer
Family-owned Luxury Goods Company

"Crenshaw was like my secret weapon, I always felt fully prepared. And their team approach was great. Every time I needed something, they were one step ahead of me."

Vice President, Licensing
Global Pharmaceuticals Company

"To assemble the quality of talent and services Crenshaw has, while attracting some of the finest human beings I know, is a feat rarely, if ever, accomplished in businesses or organizations of any kind. I thank Crenshaw for everything that they've done for me and my career."

Consumer Packaged Goods Company

"Please know how grateful I am for Crenshaw's friendship, advice, counsel, and expertise. Crenshaw is in a league of its own when it comes to executive outplacement, guidance, and consulting services. No one touches them."

Chief Executive Officer
Sports Nutrition Company

"Crenshaw’s CultureMapping® assessment was universally acknowledged by my company as being extremely valuable, not only during due diligence, but also in our transition planning for the target company’s post financial close. The cultural landscape gave us valuable insight into the target company and proved pivotal in our evaluation process.”

Chief Executive Officer
Public Commercial Construction Company

"My experience with Crenshaw was highly personalized and effective, starting with a deep dive into my background. They compiled personality and psychological profiles through their career assessments and 360 interviews with critical stakeholders. The real work started with my 'retreat' with my Advisor during which we built a trusting relationship and reviewed the output from the stakeholder feedback. Based on this, we set goals and created action plans. What happened next was a process of 'learning live,' as I learned to take control of my own executive presence so that I and my organization could reach results that were not being achieved before."

EVP Research and Development
Global Care Brand

"It was really an extraordinarily valuable experience working with Crenshaw. Any anxiety I initially had about my search was immediately replaced by a focus on a thorough and well-established process and approach. My Advisor was outstanding – guiding me every step of the way from strategy development to market campaign to contract negotiation to onboarding in my new role. But it went well beyond that. Throughout my search, Crenshaw provided a real team-based approach with many complementary resources and a network of Experts that gave me seamless end-to-end support and a wonderfully welcoming environment.

I am pleased to report how well this worked for me. I recently landed a CEO position of a Private Equity portfolio company – exactly what I had been targeting. Crenshaw knows their stuff – they understand better than anyone else the substance, subtleties, and nuances of the CXO job search process. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Chief Executive Officer
Private Equity Portfolio Company

"Crenshaw listened to our needs and created something just for us. They designed practical leadership tools and executed in a way that delivered results and built confidence with our team. After using self-assessments, Crenshaw held individual discussions to learn what each leader wanted to get from the 360 interviews that followed. By building this trust, we were confident in Crenshaw’s ability to provide candid and important insights that enabled us to take actions that fit our culture and increased our leadership team’s effectiveness."

Chief Human Resources Officer
Global Technology and Services Company

"Crenshaw was instrumental in helping me gain my first public company board seat. They provided a full service experience, from development of my board resume, to executing the search on my behalf, to helping me prepare for the interviews, and to prepping me for my first board meeting. I did not have board experience before I came to Crenshaw. Now I sit on three large public company boards and am Chair of Compensation on one and Chair of Governance on another. I would highly recommend Crenshaw if you truly have the desire to pursue board service."

Corporate Director
Fortune 500 Companies

"When approaching retirement, I was perplexed about whether to pursue opportunities as an interim CFO, part-time consulting, and/or finding a non-profit board position. My Crenshaw Advisor helped me see that this was a time for me to get engaged in a passion where I could make a difference in other people’s lives. I’ve ended up working with an important non-profit while doing limited consulting. I’m a totally different person doing something I love, while staying connected to the business world."

Retired Chief Financial Officer
Global Financial Services Company

"As I was transitioning across industries into a new role as an Officer of a company going through a dramatic transformation, the Crenshaw team really enabled me to elevate my game in ways that I would not have otherwise foreseen. As a result of their focus, personalized consulting, and onboarding capabilities, I have been able to ramp quickly to become a meaningful contributor to the transformation strategy."

Corporate Officer
Media Sector

"The best part of the Crenshaw process was the communication strategy and preparing talking points and short stories to make my points clearly. I made a much better impression during my interviews."

Chief Marketing Officer
Health Care Management Company

"One of the lessons of working with Crenshaw is the importance of the right fit between executives and companies. This has been true as I've considered boards to join and also in reviewing the performance of the C-level team at companies where I'm a director."

Corporate Director
Medical Devices Company

"I learned more about myself and my career goals working with the professionals at Crenshaw than in the previous 30 years of my working life. They helped me avoid jobs I'm glad I didn't take and steered me to the right fit for me."

Chief Executive Officer
Ad Tech Company

"This whole experience is a great testament to the Crenshaw team. My resume was mailed to a select list of recruiters interested only in me and my background. I had never even heard of a lot of them before, and many called me right back including one who said, 'Hey, we need to meet because I have a live situation that sounds perfect for you.' I was swept into a series of interviews and Crenshaw was there to debrief and re-strategize after each one of them. Once I got the offer, Crenshaw switched hats to become my negotiation team to get me the best compensation and safety nets possible written into my agreement. Wow . . . a special salute to Crenshaw!"

SVP of Global Enterprise Sales
Solutions Technology & Software Company

"Even though Crenshaw is a small boutique, I feel like I am working with a large consulting company. They use a true team approach to provide functional infrastructure, strategic Advisors, and Experts in areas like social media, compensation negotiation, private equity, networking, and legal that are available when I need them. Their comprehensive service has enabled me to be successful in my search for my next 'right' opportunity."

Chief Executive Officer
Global Consumer Products Company

"Crenshaw put me through the best preparation possible and prepared me for the toughest interviews. Eventually this led to an offer. Throughout the negotiations, Crenshaw was with me in my corner, even on weekends and at night. Their level of support throughout was fabulous."

Managing Director
Global Advertising Agency

"I had never been without a job and Crenshaw really gave me confidence and made the transition period less scary. The entire firm got behind me and took a holistic approach using career assessments, communication and interviewing training, social media, research, and marketing support. I launched both a US and UK campaign, which helped me hit the global marketplace with impact and successfully find my next opportunity in the New York office of a London start-up. Crenshaw continued to include me as part of their extended family, and now I have returned as a valued alumni as I look for my next opportunity."

General Counsel
Financial Services and Technology

"Crenshaw’s skilled and talented Advisors provided thoughtful analysis and a disciplined marketing approach and unparalleled global outreach to recruiters using social media and digital marketing. My campaign yielded high-value returns from hiring organizations around the world."

Chief Executive Officer
Global, Fast-growing, B2C Internet Platform

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