An Approach to Creating an Inclusive Corporate Culture

Successful companies need to reinforce cultures and environments where ALL employees – irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference – can bring their authentic selves to the workplace and thrive and contribute.

While this is an aspirational outcome and reality for most organizations, there are strategies that we at Crenshaw believe can be useful:

  1. Committed leadership and ownership for inclusive organizational practices at the “top of the house” tied to business results and objectives,
  2. Support and sponsorship for diverse talent (also available to ALL employees), and
  3. Implementing effective methods of addressing the unique challenges faced by diverse talent in most organizations.

Crenshaw leverages decades of hands-on leadership and organizational experience to recommend customized solutions for both individuals and organizations at various stages of progress in enabling diverse and inclusive cultures. By providing individualized support to select executives and leaders or sharing data-driven insights and strategies to help drive cultural change, we “meet clients where they are” in their journey.

I am encouraged by the nature and intent of discussions I’ve been having with our customers and my colleagues. Companies have a significant role to play in leading and exemplifying the types of changes needed to address systemic racism and inequality, which are often embedded in their own organizations. I am also cautiously optimistic about the future, in light of recent and ongoing events in our country, including legislative actions, corporate stances, and the energy and passion demonstrated by a broad array of our citizens.

Whether it is through supporting one executive at a time, or through large-scale organizational transformations, my colleagues at Crenshaw and I are ready to help.