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Encore Career Program

Crenshaw’s encore career services help you articulate your passions and come to a balance of professional fulfillment.

Crenshaw’s Encore Program is designed for successful executives who want to launch a fulfilling set of personal and professional commitments after full-time work.

They can leverage their experience and set their eyes on the future. Crenshaw’s service imagines the alternatives to another corporate role. We use our curated assessment battery, discovery methodology, and the firm’s marketing capabilities and network to help our clients explore and plan for what’s next. Senior executives have worked with us to explore and successfully move into paths like:

  • Advisory work

  • Private equity

  • Board service

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Education

  • Philanthropy

  • Not-for-profit sector

The program encompasses four critical processes: identifying drivers through rigorous assessments and personal interviews, allocating time to prioritize activities aligned with personal goals and interests, designing an individualized Encore Plan encompassing commitments, passions, and dreams, and finally, executing the plan through a cycle of discovering, culling, committing, and launching activities.

Throughout the program, participants receive support and practical advice from experienced coaches, ensuring a flexible yet structured approach to exploring possibilities and gaining confidence to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

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