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Our 1:1, customized outplacement service is built exclusively for senior executives in transition to support accomplished executives who are moving on due to strategic shifts, restructurings, and significant marketplace trends that result in separation.

Crenshaw's transition program is designed to support senior executives as they navigate career shifts between public, private, and PE-owned companies. With a focus on C-level executives and senior functional/business unit leaders, our comprehensive approach offers personalized support tailored to each client's unique needs. Our many-to-one model ensures a dedicated Advisor and Mentor, as well as a team of Subject Matter Experts, who provide the tools and guidance necessary to maximize opportunities and secure exciting new roles. Recognizing the challenges inherent in senior executive job searches, our program addresses five key differences and equips clients to effectively navigate them throughout their transition journey.

Visibility and credibility are paramount for executive roles, necessitating clear and credible messaging that facilitate a seamless transition. With fewer opportunities available at the C-suite level, effective interviewing becomes crucial, requiring candidates to articulate their value proposition through concise, results-oriented vignettes. The selection process emphasizes fit and chemistry, underscoring the importance of maintaining energy, engaging in interactive dialogues, and collecting data points to demonstrate alignment with organizational culture. Given the high stakes involved, executives must carefully consider how each move aligns with their long-term career goals to ensure sustained success.

At Crenshaw, our Transition programs offer a strategic and multifaceted approach to Executive Outplacement. Customized to individual needs, our robust process covers every aspect of the transition journey, guiding clients through major milestones and deliverables. By emphasizing strategic networking, we empower executives to navigate career transitions with confidence and build a network of contacts for the long term.

Working together, Crenshaw will support you to:

  • Articulate your long-term career goals 

  • Create your unique value proposition 

  • Develop effective marketing materials including your resume, bio, and LinkedIn profile 

  • Receive subject matter expertise in executive search, interview prep, networking, private equity roles, and executive compensation 

  • Access tools to help you make the right connections 

  • Leverage our proprietary search database 

  • Access subscription-based research 

  • Prepare you for meetings and interviews 

  • Build a strategic networking plan 

  • Serve as a full thought partner through decisions, negotiations, and contracts 

  • Onboard you into your new role

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