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For executives who are new to the company or senior assignment, our Integration program ensures stakeholder alignment, clarifies the cultural values and norms inherent within the organization, and accelerates optimal performance and business outcomes.

Integration and onboarding for senior executives are distinct yet interconnected processes. Onboarding refers to orientation and acclimation. Integration is solely focused on accelerating the road to full productivity by addressing the 4 key de-railers that almost always confront new, experienced and successful senior executives. 

Our integration work is time tested and emphasizes building meaningful relationships with key stakeholders and understanding team dynamics through data driven assimilation. It emphasizes alignment with the organization’s strategies and overarching objectives while recognizing the culture, norms and practices. These elements enable driving successful change and results with lasting followership and collaboration among stakeholders.

Crenshaw's tailored onboarding program is a structured approach that ensures a seamless transition for C-suite executives, reducing failure rates and accelerating productivity. Backed by data showing over 50% of senior executives fail due to suboptimal integration, our program is a proven investment in long-term organizational success. By addressing common pitfalls and providing personalized coaching, we empower executives to navigate challenges, establish credibility, and drive impactful change within their new roles.

Our program begins even before hiring, aligning HR requirements and competencies to craft a personalized onboarding plan. Through in-depth assessments and stakeholder consultations, we develop a roadmap for success that sets clear expectations and goals for the executive's first 90 days and beyond. Within the crucial first 30 days, executives embark on a journey of development and relationship-building, guided by expert coaches. Through targeted coaching sessions and immersive experiences, executives gain insights into corporate culture, identify key stakeholders, and begin laying the groundwork for future success.

Over the next 60 to 90 days, our program focuses on refining strategies, addressing development needs, and building strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. Through continuous adjustment and fine-tuning, executives navigate corporate culture, establish legitimacy, and achieve early wins, setting the stage for sustained impact and growth. By fostering collaboration, communication, and accountability, we ensure executives have the support they need to excel in their new roles and drive positive outcomes for the organization.

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