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Crenshaw's proprietary culture assessment, initiating culture change strategies for leaders, teams, and organizations.

A healthy culture serves as a powerful force multiplier, significantly accelerating a new executive's path to full productivity and enhancing overall organizational or team effectiveness for superior business outcomes. Historically, culture has been perceived as a nebulous and challenging factor, often present yet difficult to define. However, the contemporary landscape has evolved. With the emergence of a hybrid, more flexible workforce, flatter organizational structures, increased diversity, and digital growth drivers, there's a growing need to measure culture as a leading indicator of employee engagement and execution performance. The paradigm has shifted from an era where culture merely complemented strategy to one where culture plays a pivotal role in driving execution to success. The paradigm has shifted from an era where culture eats strategy for breakfast to one where culture devours execution.

Our CultureMapping™ instrument enhances leadership effectiveness and organizational success by quantifying cultural beliefs and team dynamics, empowering leaders to align strategies, foster collaboration, and drive results. With applications ranging from new leader integration to team optimization during change, CultureMapping™ offers a comprehensive view of 5 dimensions and 32 factors critical for success.

Through our Onboarding work, CultureMapping™ is utilized for integrating both external candidates and promoting internal leaders, ensuring seamless transitions and strategic alignment. Additionally, CultureMapping™ has played a pivotal role in enhancing Team Effectiveness engagements by providing insights into the underlying cultural dynamics within a team, aligning expectations, and promoting a culture of accountability.

By clarifying cultural expectations, encouraging open dialogue, and driving strategic vision, we support leaders and teams to thrive within their organizational culture. Our process provides a platform for in-depth discussions, targeted action planning, and sustained change. From accelerating leadership impact to enabling collaboration and driving strategic goals, CultureMapping™ provides insights to teams to achieve meaningful results and achieve success throughout the organization.

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