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Executive Coaching

Crenshaw’s Executive Coaching sharpens the leadership skills of successful executives, newly appointed leaders and succession candidates. Our methodology is data based and results-oriented, delivered by coaches with deep business and coaching credentials.

Crenshaw Coaching Programs support successful executives who want to build upon their leadership skills, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of each executive.  Engagements are led by Coaches and Advisors who are exceptionally well credentialed and certified in the Crenshaw Coaching methodology.  Each engagement begins by identifying specific growth goals for every engagement, gaining valuable insight into each executive's profile through behavioral assessments, interview-based 360° evaluations, and alignment discussions with internal sponsors. Our confidential 1:1 coaching sessions are then structured to address opportunities for enhancing leadership effectiveness and achieving desired business results based on the established coaching goals. Progress is rigorously assessed at the conclusion of each engagement to ensure continuous development and success.

Our engagements benefit executives at all levels, from high-potential to C-level leaders, to support and enhance their professional development and effectiveness. Our work with Hi-Po executives can accelerate their career growth, refine their leadership style, and develop key competencies required for advancement. For executives aiming to advance to the C-suite level, we can assist in widening their strategic thinking to an enterprise lens, through adjustments in decision-making abilities and communication skills towards better leadership and organizational success. C-level executives often engage Crenshaw in an Advisory capacity as they navigate complex leadership challenges, build resiliency into their organization, refine their vision and strategy, and cultivate meaningful culture change initiatives.

Our cadre of executive coaches is experienced in various developmental areas, including leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, navigating organizational shifts, fostering resilience, managing change, and achieving work-life balance. Regardless of the unique challenges, Crenshaw is prepared to help executives leverage coaching to unlock their full potential and achieve success.

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