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Directorship Prep Program

Crenshaw assists aspiring corporate directors in preparing for board service. Our curriculum includes governance training, how to market themselves for appropriate board roles, and coaching through the directorship campaign.

Crenshaw’s Directorship Prep Program helps establish individuals as a qualified candidate and also increases their effectiveness in working with their own board. It starts with defining what type of board clients want to join and what they’ll bring to a board. We then build a plan for marketing them to recruiters and prepare them to meet with decision-makers, including the Nominating/Governance selection committee. A marketing plan that includes a board-level resume, bio, and online profile is crafted and executed. Clients are marketed to Crenshaw's proprietary database of board recruiters and background research and advice is provided throughout their campaign.

As a part of the program, participants attend Crenshaw’s Directorship Academy.  Serving on a board demands a unique commitment and mindset distinct from operating executive roles. Executives seeking board positions must approach the search process with the intensity and rigor akin to a job search, dedicating significant time and effort to networking and marketing themselves effectively. The Crenshaw program focuses heavily on preparing individuals for the board search, covering aspects such as self-assessment, developing marketing materials, and devising networking strategies. The emphasis lies in equipping individuals with practical tools and strategies to secure board roles, complementing theoretical knowledge with actionable steps toward board placement.

Through our Directorship Academy, and extended work with an Advisor and Executive Mentor, clients gain a clear understanding of the roles, fiduciary responsibilities, and liabilities of Directors today. They also explore the dynamics of board work, the time commitments required, and how to be an effective Director.

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