Maureen Mackenzie-Ruppel, Ph.D.,PHR, CAPM, PCC
Maureen Mackenzie-Ruppel, Ph.D.,PHR, CAPM, PCC

Executive Coach


As an Executive Coach with Crenshaw Associates, Dr. Maureen Mackenzie-Ruppel’s 20 years of corporate leadership experience partners well with her 20 years of academic leadership as a Dean and Full Professor of Business. Maureen holds the PCC-level credential awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and her coaching certification is with the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI). Her executive coaching experience focuses on business professionals and leaders, including diverse employees and clients.

Maureen served as the President of the Northeast Business & Economics Assoc. and as a Board member for over 18 years.  Dr. Mackenzie-Ruppel held various leadership positions in the insurance industry including Chairperson of the NYS Automobile Insurance Department’s Fraudulent and Abusive Practices Committee, and Governing board member on multiple state-level Automobile Insurance Plans.

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