Sarah Dunn
Sarah Dunn

Executive Coach, Mentor and Advisory Board Member


Sarah Dunn is an advisor to Crenshaw Associates and serves as part of its Executive Coaching practice. She is also a  mentor to C-level clients in Crenshaw’s Career Transition program.

Previously, Sarah served for 14 years as Global Human Resources Officer for Tapestry, a New York-based house of brands (previously Coach Inc.). She was responsible for 16,500 associates in 23 countries. Sarah focused on unlocking the power of Tapestry’s people to drive its strategic agenda through an engaged, inclusive culture and strong people and career development opportunities. She worked closely with the CEO and the board on executive and board recruitment and onboarding.

Prior to joining Tapestry, Sarah spent most of her career as an operating executive in financial information at Reuters and then Thomson Financial. During her tenure at Thomson, she served as Chief Content Officer and later as Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences from University College, London, U.K., and a master’s degree in Information Science from City University, London. She has served as a  board advisor to Windsor Fashions based in Santa Fe Springs, CA and is the Chair of Renaissance Youth Center, a non-profit organization serving underprivileged youth in in the South Bronx, NY.

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